Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cloud Management Made Easier with ZSL's 'SmartPrise Cloud Manager'

We are clearly seeing an upswing in interest in Cloud adoption and there is a lot of buzz in the cloud computing circles today mainly focused on creating architectures for private/public/hybrid clouds, application migration, cloud security etc. But if you notice, there is very less talk about what happens once a cloud is built. CIOs still need a partner like ZSL to help them successfully implement an integrated enterprise Cloud management solution that will work across their global enterprise.

Cloud management, or the ability to manage disparate platforms, IT infrastructure and networks in a holistic fashion, will be increasingly critical in the future, and will in fact be a requirement for many of the mission critical applications that today’s Fortune 1000 rely on for their core business.

If you would like to understand the key principles for creating a unified approach to managing a large cloud based IT infrastructure, please check the recorded version of the webinar I presented titled "Cloud Management Made Easy" on Dec 15th at 11 AM EST. 


What You will learn:
1. Can you manage across different cloud and IT platforms in a unified way?
2. Does the “management layer” from cloud vendors itself create a unified offering or do you need to manage the “management” of cloud? What do management consoles lack?
3. The reasons for Cloud Management.
4. What are the business benefits of developing a cohesive cloud management strategy.
5. How ZSL can help? ZSL's Solution - SmartPrise Cloud Manager and Cloud Consulting services

Naveen Noel J | Sr. Solutions Architect | ZSL, Inc |

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