Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Javascript Frameworks

Owing to the Web 2.0 era and AJAX playing an important role, many companies and communities are focusing on bringing the Desktop Experience on to the Web Browser and this has given rise to many Javascript Frameworks which help developers to build AJAX based applications quickly.

I was scouting around the internet trying hard to search for Open Source Javascript Toolkits till I stumbled upon an excellent link where a comparison is given among different toolkits.

The ones featured in this comparison are:

1.Google’s GWT

2. Yahoo’s YUI


4. Prototype (inspired by Ruby on Rails)

5. Mochikit

6. JQuery

Among them the ones that stand out in terms of features, popularity, support according to me are Google, Yahoo and DOJO, but the others too are good.

There is also a mention in that comparison (although not compared) about the following toolkits

1. Kabuki AJAX toolkit from Zimbra. They have a Network and an Open Source Edition.

2. DWR AJAX Toolkit

I was rather surprised that they did not mention about which seems to be a very mature Javascript framework. If I am not mistaken, Prototype uses the framework.

Just today I heard about another Framework jMaki, now this Framework too is impressive and it has integration with Netbeans and eclipse where developers can drag and drop jMaki widgets into their JSP pages. They also have some sort of integration with DOJO , YUI and GWT. Check them out.

I also see that GWT has a developer tool called gwtDeveloper (a WYSIWYG tool to design your GWT applications) which is an extension for JDeveloper. Check them out too.

Good luck and happy AJAXING and AJAXIFYING the WEB.

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